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Accidential AF - Dakota Cassidy

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Jingle all the Slay -- Dakota Cassidy


Stage Fright
Book 1-Bewitching Midlife Crisis Mysteries Series

If you want to know who unalived you, I'm your girl. Evanora Lavinia Dark at your service!

Heart attack/stroke/open-heart surgery survivor, new-lease-on-life starter, astral-projecting-ghost-talker.

And most importantly, a witch over fifty with bursitis, blood pressure meds, and zero effs to give.

I’m done with corporate life—or maybe it was done with me first— and after a life-changing stroke followed by a heart attack and a subsequent quadruple bypass. All this just before boarding a plane for my lifetime dream trip to Hawaii.

Clearly, it was time for a change.

So I moved back to my hometown and my passion. Interior design. I have no experience, no degrees in the field, but I jumped in with both feet and opened my own house staging business--Stage Right. Nowadays, you can find me happily decorating houses for my best friend, house flipper, and real estate agent, Fabiola Fabrizio.

Together, we’re determined to give our town, Buttermilk Bay, located in Massachusetts (not far from Salem) a facelift and bring in young families to stir up the economy. Little by little, people are beginning to take notice of my work and hiring me on the daily and that’s great for my bank account.

There’s only one problem. Ghosts. Sooo many ghosts. Ghosts I started to see after my bypass surgery (cliche, right?). Ghosts who were murdered and need my help to solve the mystery surrounding their deaths. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry a fifty pound chandelier while a ghost is in your ear, hassling you to find their killer?

When a guy named Ferris Leopold is found dead at the house next door to the one I’m staging, it’s full steam ahead to solve his murder. Or is it? Ferris was a lowdown dirty, albeit petty thief in life and I’m struggling to set aside my morals in order to help him.

But as I dig deeper into Ferris’s past, meet a hot AF silver fox of a man, and explore my new powers in the process, I discover not everything is as it seems...

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