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Witchless in Seattle

Stage Fright - Dakota Cassidy

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The Case of the Spring Fling's Missing offspring
Book 1 - Witched and Hitched in Seattle

It takes two to solve a murder right...

Stevie Cartwright-Winterbottom here! Witch and afterlife specialist, along with my reincarnated ghost-talking husband and ex-British spy, Crispin Alistair Winterbottom. After solving one of our hardest cases yet (on our wedding day, no less), we're back from our gloriously perfect, ghost-free Italian honeymoon, rested and ready to begin our lives together! There's just one problem... The long line of people outside our door (literally) who've come from parts near and far in Washington, hoping we'll help them solve all their mystery needs. After we caught a serial killer, and the ensuing circus of news coverage, turns out, we're a little bit famous and everyone wants our help. However, there's one person waiting in that line with a very personal request.

A gorgeous woman who wants us to help her find out what happened to her daughter.

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